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In focus

What happens beyond smartphone shopping?

New report looks at fast-changing reality of retail.

The factory of the future is closer than you think

Learn more about industrial automation enabled by robotics, machine intelligence and 5G.

5G, IoT and tomorrow’s car technology

What does the vehicle of the future look like? How does it make our world more efficient, safer and ecologically sound?

VoLTE: Securing high-quality communications services over IP networks

Why evolving today’s voice networks to all-IP using VoLTE technology makes perfect sense.

We've got the X-factory

Our smart factories showcase new technologies that deliver proven business value.

See how


5G live in Korea

Watch Ericsson, Korea Telecom and Intel connect a car to a live 5G network - right in the center of Seoul


Internet of things

Let's take on IoT together

We believe in collaborating, using our end-to-end capabilities and expertise to help you along the way – or the entire way.



New approach to design security

As the threat landscape evolves, here's how we help you detect, respond and stop attacks before damage is caused.