We have a passion for technology. We have over 42,000 granted patents, which means we have one of the industry's strongest portfolios. Our global team of researchers is constantly improving today’s technology and creating the breakthroughs that will shape tomorrow.

Radio access technologies

We make mobile broadband even more ubiquitous by conducting research in radio access, advanced receivers and antenna systems and technologies, propagation and wireless backhaul. As leaders in HSPA and LTE, we are also invent and develop technologies that will transform tomorrow into 5G.

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IP and transport

In order to handle the increased requirements of 5G, we develop innovative transport solutions for networks. Research includes small cell transport, such as the Radio Dot System, lean optical networking for backhaul and centralized RAN fronthaul. We also develop solutions for information centric networking, disruptive networking, software defined networks and cloud networking and routing.

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Wireless access networks

We develop and evolve the HS, LTE, Wi-Fi and 5G technologies and use these to create system concepts and solutions providing high capacity and superior performance, that are affordable to build and easy to deploy and operate.

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Cloud technologies

We see the future of the Cloud as a world scale computing platform that will support the network functions, mission critical and high performance applications of the Networked Society. It will be secure, dependable, efficient, real-time and geographically distributed. We do research to enable this future.

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Services, media and network features

Seamless operation of existing and new applications, devices, and media set high requirements for future networks. The features we develop enable our mission for a Networked Society, which range from communication between machines, to real-time and contextual media, and collaboration between humans.

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We address security and privacy challenges in the Networked Society. We cover everything from pure cryptography over secure networking, service/application security, identity management, privacy and payments to methods for development and evaluation of security systems.

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Management and operation of complex systems

We use big data analytics to create new insights that improve services offered from the network and machine learning technologies to improve resource utilization and to lower Opex. With a mindset originating from the human perspective, we explore and contribute to the evolution of users interactions with systems.

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Information and communication technologies are an essential part of a sustainable future. Our specific fact-based research focuses on methodology development for impact assessment; life cycle assessment of products and networks; the macroeconomic effects of ICT and the end-to-end energy performance of our networks. We aim to enable the potential of ICT to drive sustainable development across industry and society.

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Ericsson Research blog

Learn more about our research and how we are driving the future of the Networked Society. 

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