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A competent and experienced partner

You can rely on us for cost effective solutions for infrastructure, management and regulatory compliance.

Faster roll-out of new services

Cloud-based solutions offer cost effective ways to get new innovative services to market quickly with global scalability.

Pay only for what you use

There's no need to build your own solutions from scratch when you have Ericsson's flexible, modular approach.

Global Cloud Solutions

You can count on Ericsson to deliver global solutions with local expertise

Ericsson Cloud Centers

Before roll-out, test your cloud-based solutions in real world conditions at one of our Ericsson Cloud Centers located around the globe.

Local Experts

Our local experts provide insight into market drivers and regulations and to find how cloud solutions can address your specific needs in each market.

Modular Deployment Solutions

Our sandboxed approach helps you address localized issues, such as regulation and market trends, to deliver solutions with global consistency.

Holistic solutions for connected industries

Make data management, telematics, infotainment and service roll-out easier for your industry

boat navigation room

Connecting assets and stakeholders throughout the shipping supply chain is helping to ensure that each delivery is as efficient as possible.

GPS inside car

Our connected vehicle solutions enable value-adding services while providing robust and secure global connectivity for OEMs and fleet managers.

Connected Traffic Management Cloud

Connecting the entire transport ecosystem with highly scalable communications and data-driven monitoring for safe, efficient and enjoyable travel.

girl on bus

We partner with transport operators and aggregators to create the cloud-based solutions they need for managing tolls, fares and passenger information.

Connected Cloud Cases

Here are just a few examples of how Ericsson co-innovates cloud based solutions.


We helped the Estonian Infocommunication Foundation (RIKS) deploy and operate a cloud-based solution for scalability, resilience and data security.

road traffic

To create a next-level connected car, we helped LYNC & CO build a digital platform to integrate developers and payments with global scalability.

Transforming maritime fleet management for U-Ming

The Taiwan-based shipping firm U-Ming partnered with Ericsson to optimize fleet performance via near-real-time data on vessel location and movement.

Cloud technology research and insights

Automate performance-fault localization in cloud systems to minimize downtime

With many end users expecting high-quality service, cloud service providers are under pressure to minimize service disruptions.

Time for a new cloud Operating System?

What’s the best way to increase performance and reduce complexity in the next generation of cloud system software?

Container-based network monitoring for microservices

ConMon enables network performance monitoring both passively and actively, with automatic instantiation and configuration of monitoring functions.

Learn more about the industries we serve

wind turbines

Connected solutions allow utility operators to offer cleaner, more efficient services at a lower cost. See how connectivity is powering change.

moving cars

The connected car is going beyond infotainment to software defined and autonomous vehicles. Learn more about the technology driving these innovations.

Skyscrapers view at night

Airports, roads, railways and public transport are all becoming part of the connected ecosystem. Discover the solutions that make ITS possible.

man looking at phone

Making it easier to send, spend and save money requires robust and reliable mobile connected solutions. Learn what it takes to make this happen.

cargo ship at harbor

Safe and efficient vessels, ports and terminals require solutions that always work. Find out how shipping is becoming part of the connected ecosystem.

Fire brigade officers looking at the map

Mission critical communication requires secure, real-time connections. To make that a reality, public safety officials are turning to LTE technology.

bus station in city

Managing urban areas requires cooperation from a full spectrum of stakeholders. See how a horizontal approach can connect the entire urban ecosystem.

Workspace Landscape

Building managers need holistic solutions to realize the potential of the Internet of Things. Find out how to get the most from connected buildings.

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