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Comprehensive solutions for transport challenges

The future of transport is Connected, Cooperative and Automated. Ericsson co-innovates with clients to build connected transport infrastructure, create systems that best utilize data, and design automated processes that keep things moving smoothly.


Create the infrastructure to connect the entire transport ecosystem, from road, rail, public transport and airports to cars, drivers and travelers.


Put systems and management structures in place that effectively use the data from connected infrastructure to make sure everything works in unison.


Automate processes to respond to the needs of the transportation environment to reduce congestion and improve efficiency, safety and sustainability.

We serve road, rail, public transport and airports

Ericsson understands that a modern intelligent transport system relies on connected multi-stakeholder ecosystems. Our offerings support highly scalable communications, data-driven monitoring for safe and efficient rail traffic management, and seamless transaction processing across providers.

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Making traffic safer, more efficient and more sustainable.



Adding value to everything from infrastructure to passenger services.


Public Transport

Scalable solutions allow you to start small and build smart as you grow.

airplanes on the ground


Enhance the customer experience and drive new revenue opportunities.

Connected solutions for the entire transport ecosystem

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Traffic Management Solutions

Ericsson helps integrate the entire transport ecosystem to support collaboration and a higher state of traffic automation.

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ICT infrastructure

Ericsson's transport offerings enable high-speed traffic data flows to be organized so that traffic can be managed to become more safe and efficient.

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Integrated Mobility

We help traffic operators integrate passenger communications, as well as toll and fare collection across different transport modes and companies.

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