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Full compliance with 3GPP standard

Future proof interoperable private network solutions avoid single vendor lock-in and encourage multiple players to collaborate in an open ecosystem.

Devoted coverage for demanding environments

Small footprint LTE networks are a practical solution for reliable, robust and dedicated connectivity with measureable results in extreme conditions.

Enable mission critical communications

LTE is making it possible for authorities to securely connect resources, enhance situational awareness, and respond with real-time intelligence.

Increase access to information

Better sharing of data from connected resources and infrastructure breaks down barriers between industries to integrate the entire Networked Society.

Empower your business today with LTE and be ready for the benefits of 5G tomorrow

You can invest today and seamlessly adapt to the connectivity of the future. How is Ericsson driving 5G to benefit all industries? Here are examples of 5G enabled new capabilities for Transport, Utilities and Public Safety.



Connected cars rely on high performance, low latency, and secure networks, driving auto industry to embrace 5G



5G will help utilities to cut costs, secure facilities, and support for remote monitoring, maintenance

Public Safety

Public Safety

Increased performance and security enables quicker response to emergent situations



5G speed and performance enables a smarter and safer way to digitalize operations seamlessly

Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems

Faster, more reliable and lower latency communications open a whole new world for road, rail, public transport and airports

How do our LTE solutions make your business stronger?

Network performance revolution

Efficiently offer wide coverage, high capacity and end-to-end reliability for mission critical operations in multiple environments, even the most remote locations.

Rapid deployment

Build the LTE network that suits your needs, with the freedom to choose your own applications. Ericsson's open standard allows for cooperative innovation.

Deliver as a Service

Partner with Ericsson to leverage our unrivaled experience in delivering scalable networks with bundled services worldwide and managing round-the-clock secure communications for you.

How LTE can empower all industries

By driving innovation in LTE technology and applications and leading in 5G research and standardization, Ericsson helps create solutions that benefit industries – and society as a whole.

Learn more about our industry LTE offerings with 5G in the roadmap

Dependable Open Enterprise Connectivity built on Ericsson’s expertise in radio technology

As you move on to the next phase of connectivity, you can rely on the solid practices and smart solutions that have made Ericsson the standard-bearer for radio connectivity around the globe. 

Ericsson Radio System products in rooftop

Ericsson Radio System leverages a multi-standard, multi-band and multi-layer architecture enabling mobile operators to address growth opportunities and transform their radio networks on the road to 5G. This innovative, modular system delivers industry-leading performance achieving 22% better coverage on the smallest site footprint, allowing easiest installation with the lowest energy consumption.


Our Radio Dot System offers superior performance in the most attractive form factor and easy installation. RBS 6402 is the ideal choice for smaller venues. Around the world, the RBS 6402 is delivering speeds of up to 300Mbps, with deployments in less than 10 minutes, enabled by self- organizing network (SON) features.  In Radio Dot System deployments, mobile data throughput has improved by up to 5 times, dropped calls have been reduced to zero, and installation times are as low as 4 minutes per Dot.

woman holding smartphone

We have already started to introduce 5G concepts in today’s networks with Gigabit LTE data speeds and Ericsson Lean Carrier. Gigabit LTE can be applied more broadly across LTE networks with our unique Ericsson Lean Carrier functionality which also increases user data speeds by up to 50%, and increases overall network data throughput up to 10% - all by reducing the inter-cell interference caused by excess reference signaling across the network.


MINI-LINK provides market leading capacities for microwave transmission with zero footprint. The link capacities are in average 15-25% higher than competition, within all different frequency bands from 6 to 80 GHz. MINI-LINK also provides market leading node capacities, including switch capacity, 10GbE interfaces and number of link directions. Multi-band booster uses a low band radio to provide a high availability connection and combines it with a higher band that can provide up to 10 times increase in capacity. By bonding a high frequency with a lower frequency, up to 3 times longer hops can be achieved.

Ericsson 5g seoul

We are leading and driving the 5G standards work from today's exploratory research and pre-standard field trials, through standardization activities along with influential standards bodies and industry groups. Through key technology advances like the Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes and cloud-based network slicing, Ericsson and its operator customers will be key players in defining this next generation of network technology all the way through to commercialization. Today, we have more than 50 industry partners including 17 operator MoUs.

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Elastic RAN extends user experience, network performance and coordination efficiency, virtually limitless across the entire network. With Elastic RAN, every baseband unit is fully coordinated with any adjacent one, whether in a centralized, distributed or hybrid network architecture. This flexible, hyper scalable architecture supports migration to Cloud RAN.

Energy Performance

We have a system-wide approach for energy performance, designing multi-standard hardware and software solutions that reduce energy consumption, while maximizing app coverage. Internet of Things Ericsson's recently launched Networks Software 17A, introducing a new software product that enables and accelerates the Internet of Things. The solution supports a massive number of IoT device connections, while significantly increasing energy efficiency (battery life) and network coverage. With this world’s first Cellular LPWA offering (Low-Power Wide-Area) Ericsson enables operators to address the full diversity of IoT use cases, such as Smart Cities, Smart Metering and Smart Agriculture.

LTE and 5G technology research and insights

LTE latency reductions: preparing for 5G

Now it’s time for a major leap in LTE latency reduction. Read about the new techniques that are the result of our leading research in this field.

5G security is unlike anything before

The new wave of connected devices will bring with them as-yet-unknown security issues. Learn how Ericsson is getting ready for that challenge.

D2D is pushing the boundaries telecom

Learn how to answer the challenges around spectrum and other network resources caused by the increase of Device-to-Device (D2D) communication.

We co-innovate with you to create solutions for your industry’s specific needs


Our solution gives Public Safety authorities the abilities to securely connect resources, enhance situational awareness, and coordinate responses with real-time actionable intelligence.


Ericsson crafts solutions to suit each utility's needs of building a truly smart power grid powered by robust, end-to-end utility communications solutions.


We help bring all elements in the traffic together and enable high-speed traffic data flows to be organized in a meaningful way.

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