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Developing Smart Energy City solutions in Stockholm

Smart grids, renewable energy resources and an innovative service enablement platform are being used to develop smart-energy homes where users can interactively influence their energy consumption in Stockholm. Discover how Ericsson is making smart homes a reality for 155 families as part of the Smart Energy City research project in the Stockholm Royal Seaport. 

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Cyber-security for the smart power grid

Cyber-security for the smart power grid

As all businesses become connected, reliable connectivity is more important to the economy than ever before.

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The success of utility Frontrunners

We analyzed hundreds of distribution system operators (DSOs) to find those performing best in terms of network reliability, cost efficiency and innovation. We also found retail leaders in terms of profitability and sales growth.

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Thrive in a quickly changing industry

There are a lot of challenges and opportunities in today’s utilities industry. Perhaps you are focused on:

  • Digitalizing your grid for better monitoring and management
  • Improving customer experiences and engagement
  • Integrating renewable generation and storage
  • Smart metering for accurate and timely billing
  • Solving legacy connections and communication challenges

Whatever your goals, we’re with you every step of the way. Our expertise and experience will help you manage these changes and thrive.

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Grid asset management

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Use our in-depth knowledge to optimize the management, monitoring and protection of critical assets. We will help you meet regulations, optimize usage and improve service.

Power grid management

Communication solutions for utilities

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Today’s utilities industry needs robust, end-to-end communications to create a truly smart power grid. Ericsson crafts technical solutions to suit each utility’s needs.

Utility communications

Advanced smart metering

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Ericsson provides everything the utilities industry needs for successful smart metering deployment, from meter provisioning to systems integration and operation.

Smart Metering

Utility transformation

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Transform customer interactions into products and services. Ericsson’s customer and revenue management improves customer experiences and operational efficiency.

New utilities services

What issues is your business dealing with?


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Utilities are facing stricter regulations for more reliable and safer service. In addition, utilities must protect themselves against increasing external and internal threats, such as terrorism, vandalism and sabotage.Find out how to better manage and protect your assets:

White paper: Bootstrapping security in the IoT

White paper: Cloud security architecture

Cellular IoT

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Cellular IoT allow utilities to explore new services and business models to increase revenue and efficiency. It is built for massive Machine Type Communications, and can support millions of connected devices on one single site.

Cellular IoT - A new paradigm for utility communication

Using Big Data

Find out how utilities can use big data to improve operations and services. Big data analytics enable you to manage grids more efficiently, gain full control of your resources and improve customer experience.

White paper: Big data transforming utilities

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