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Martin Garner talks about the benefits of connectivity and making use of the data it generates

It is time to look at the big picture. Realizing the potential of a connected ecosystem requires tools to use data in collaboration across industries. In this video, mobile internet analyst Martin Garner discusses the benefits of connectivity and the strategic use of data.

Realize the potential of the connected ecosystem

Break out of traditional silos to innovate and grow across industries. Ericsson's cross industry platforms allow you to integrate diverse stakeholders to create new collaborations and business models.


Security & information management

With a rock solid foundation of everywhere connectivity and up to date devices you are now in the position to deliver the customer services. The Security & Information Management layer involves analytics to understand customer data, billing to send invoices – powered by our strong experience in billing billions of customer in the telco industry.

Asset & device management

The smart assets of today are powered by software. Software that should be up to date and optimized for the connectivity the device/asset has. We take care of this for you through our asset management platforms, built on the experience of managing billions of connected phones and other devices. We also make sure that you have a real time view on how your devices are doing, if they are online and functioning the way they should.

Connectivity management

Connectivity management means that we ensure that the devices, the things, in your business are connected no matter where they are, no matter what kind of connectivity they require (wifi, cellular or some very specific protocol that is relevant in your industry, we have them all covered). This also means that we ensure that connectivity is unbroken and seamless moving across borders, be it switching between different mobile connectivity operators or country borders. We make sure you are connected.

Our foundation in telco

In its telecom business, Ericsson manages networks that serve 1Billion subscribers, so we understand better than anyone else how to secure the best performance from mobile broadband networks. Be it in city environments, indoors and underground or in vast rural terrains or for high speed transport environments. And when an industry call for specific standards, or dedicated or hybrid networks, we have experience there too.

Learn more about the industries that we serve

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Connected solutions allow utility operators to offer cleaner, more efficient services at a lower cost. See how connectivity is powering change.

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The connected car is going beyond infotainment to software defined and autonomous vehicles. Learn more about the technology driving these innovations.

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Airports, roads, railways and public transport are all becoming part of the connected ecosystem. Discover the solutions that make ITS possible.

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Mission critical communication requires secure, real-time connections. To make that a reality, public safety officials are turning to LTE technology.

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Managing urban areas requires cooperation from a full spectrum of stakeholders. See how a horizontal approach can connect the entire urban ecosystem.

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Building managers need holistic solutions to realize the potential of the Internet of Things. Find out how to get the most from connected buildings.

Responsive to tomorrow's changes


city street at night

Staying competitive in your industry in the future requires Long Term Evolution (LTE) connectivity, including 5G. Learn how Ericsson can help you today and in the long term.


city street at night

The Internet of Things (IoT) creates digital connections between real-world objects in your industry. As IoT becomes relevant to all industries, Ericsson can help you expand and manage your connected ecosystem.


The Cloud provides industry with unprecedented agility, efficiency and accessibility. We offer the insight and global connectivity to make it work.

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