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Media – Entering the internet era of television

The emergence of the Networked Society is re-shaping all industries and empowering the consumer like never before. Mobility, broadband and cloud are the primary enablers of change where 15 billion connected; video enabled devices by 2020 will drive an appetite for video that will create unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

As the Media industry moves from the digital era, to the internet era of television and undergoes a period of unprecedented disruptive transformation, the traditional media value chain is being broken and remolded into a new dynamic ecosystem. At the center of this new world is the consumer, who is driving forward huge change through their continually rising expectations of what today’s TV experience should be. The mission for players in Media is very clear – delight the TV consumer, every day. Re-establishing your value continually.

Delighting the TV consumer every day is central to success.”

While delighting the future TV consumer is both complex and continually evolving, the four most critical elements of delight are below:

The fundamentals of TV consumer delight

Seamless Experience

A beautiful interface that flows from device to device, offering all that viewers want, at their fingertips and without interruption. Enable them to search, sort, play and share content the way they like. Gather all the content they want in one place, and move it between all of their devices without compromising the experience.

Personalized discovery

A hyper-smart trusted service that responds to the consumer’s mood and needs, giving an answer to the everyday question: what should I watch next? Learn from preferences, behavior and friends to recommend content that matches the viewer’s taste and connects to their social network, putting everything in one place.

Immersive content

A viewing experience like nothing before with such amazing visual quality that consumers feel part of the on-screen story. Content becomes augmented with relevant facts, stats and access features that move the game on. It’s so great that no one will want to leave.

Constant evolution

A fulfilling experience, based on the guarantee that the TV service will continually evolve and viewer loyalty will be rewarded with new features, improved functionality and exciting surprises. The anticipation for the next release is what keeps consumers staying for more.

Ericsson ConsumerLab TV & Media 2016 study

Read the full Ericsson ConsumerLab report here

Consumer and industry insights

With the industry and TV consumer undergoing persistent change, we believe it is essential to have the deepest insights possible to enable our vision for the future of TV and guide our customers in their continual transformation to drive the greatest success.

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ConsumerLab TV & Media Report 2016

The seventh edition of this yearly report takes a closer look at the evolving role of TV and media in consumers’ daily lives. It’s clear that viewing habits and an ever increasing appetite for user-generated content is having an impact on the TV and media landscape.

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Media Vision 2020

We’re in the greatest period of change and evolution since analogue TV broadcasts started over seventy years ago.


Launching the most advanced, premium sport channels for BT Sport

With the industry and TV consumer undergoing persistent change, we believe it is essential to have the deepest insights possible to enable our vision for the future of TV and guide our customers in their continual transformation to drive the greatest...

Read the case

Our unique offerings

Ericsson is continually investing to enable content owners, broadcasters and TV service providers to deliver on their potential to delight their TV consumers every day. Only Ericsson has the three essential capabilities.

Unique capabilities that deliver the future of TV


Offer in focus

MediaFirst Video Processing

Cloud-ready software-defined video processing for any screen

MediaFirst Video Processing


The future of Television demands innovation. Hear what Ericsson visionaries are saying about enabling content owners, broadcasters and TV service providers to delight their viewers.

What do consumers really think of TV today?

Ericsson asks TV and media consumers around the world what they think of TV – and how they’re using it today. This way, we can better understand viewing habits and tastes and continue to enable our global customers to transform Television in the Networked Society. Do you think you know what viewers are saying about TV these days?

IBC 2016, Simon Frost, Ericsson interviewed by InBroadcast

Simon Frost, Head of Marketing at Ericsson, discusses Ericsson's role in transforming the TV & Media industry at IBC 2016.

Ericsson solutions and services on-show at IBC 2016

Kris Hardiman, Head of Portfolio Marketing, Broadcast Managed Services talks through the solutions, services and innovations on-show at IBC 2016.

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