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Immersive content

A viewing experience like nothing before with such amazing visual quality that consumers feel part of the on-screen story. Content becomes augmented with relevant facts, stats and access features that move the game on. It’s so great that no one will want to leave.

Since the inception of moving pictures, increases in quality have continued to drive ever-greater immersion, power and emotion from the stories told. As an industry we are in the midst of the next technological chapter of Ultra HD and HDR immersion in TV, with lifelike images that are so true to the real world we experience even more than has been possible before. Today’s viewer is not only about to embrace picture and sound quality like nothing before, but is already rapidly embracing the immersion in the content they love in other ways. The shift to on-demand libraries, OTT services and access on any device is re-energizing the binge consumption trend that started with VHS. Successfully driving these capabilities creates far greater immersion in content and will drive viewer delight, loyalty and willingness to pay.

Key viewer perspectives

  • Picture quality so real it’s like being there!
  • I’m hooked to the latest series and want to watch them all, now
  • I want to know what else that actor was in
  • I love the stats and analysis during the game!

Addressing the needs

Driving delight with your audiences, viewers, or subscribers and hooking them on an experience they cannot get anywhere else is the perpetual opportunity for content owners and rights holders of the most valuable content assets.

Immersive TV is an area driven from multiple directions: The shift to Ultra HD, higher dynamic range (HDR), higher frame rates and general increases in image quality are driven mostly from the consumer electronics industry, seeking as always to stimulate consumer purchases. The opportunity to truly amaze viewers with the images that can be created by these screens is a hot topic driving our industry. In addition, consumer behaviors and technological service enablers are also driving immersive TV.

The rise of OTT platforms and on-demand access has meant releases of seasons of content and entire boxed sets all in one. The frustration of finding what to watch means that consumers are diving deep into the content they love and many becoming true fans of their most favorite shows. All those in the media value chain need to understand how to drive all aspects of immersion with their eco-systems and platforms. With it come consumer delight and a depth of loyalty that could reach obsession!

Immersion is addiction

The compelling nature of amazing picture quality, huge screens and footage that has been shot to take advantage of every pixel’s new capability is going to be powerful motivation for consumers to get the best they can. We know from several years of our ConsumerLab research that quality is high on the agenda for consumers and they have a corresponding willingness to pay.

The shift to on-demand

While binge viewing is hardly a new concept, the global OTT propositions and on-demand libraries have accelerated this trend and what is clear is that when consumers get truly obsessed with a great show – they want it all now. By 2020 we predict that 50% of all content consumed will be on-demand and time-shifted.

Live TV will only become ever more real

Immersive TV has a long way to go in how it transforms the capability to take the viewer to the scene. Whether live sports, live news, or live events, some of the world’s most valuable and memorable content has been live, and immersive TV will play a crucial role in amplifying the power that television has always had: to make memories.

Our offerings

Ericsson has been investing to understand the consumer like no other, and with almost 25 years of video innovation and 5 Technical Emmy® awards, we know what it takes to deliver the future of TV. Ensuring all your services and experiences are utterly seamless is going to demand that you unify all aspects of business process, technology and operations. Only Ericsson has the scale of insights, portfolio and services to help.

Girl laying on carpet watching film on tablet

MediaFirst Video Processing

Cloud-ready software-defined video processing for any screen.

girl watching film on tablet

Content Preparation

Simplify video delivery for any format in an age of complexity, fragmented distribution and anytime consumption demands.

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Live Video Processing

Deliver high-quality video services over existing networks to any screen efficiently.

Success cases

Ericsson delivers the UK’s first Ultra HD channel for BT Sport

BT Sport's UEFA Champions League coverage sets out to bring viewers the best ever experience of football's leading club competition. Our 4K coverage of the UEFA Champions League alongside other competitions will bring a truly cinematic experience...

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