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As the industry moves into the internet era of television and undergoes a period of unprecedented disruptive transformation, the traditional media value chain is being broken and remolded into a new dynamic ecosystem. At the center of this new world is the consumer, who is driving forward huge change through their continually rising expectations of what today’s TV experience should be. We firmly believe that future success means a bold vision, real innovation and a laser focus on the consumer.

We continue to invest in consumer and business research and share some of the insights here. We would be happy to engage more deeply with you and guide your thinking in your potential strategies for success in addressing the most dynamic aspect of Media – the consumer!

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ConsumerLab TV & Media Report 2016

The seventh edition of this yearly report takes a closer look at the evolving role of TV and media in consumers’ daily lives. It’s clear that viewing habits and an ever increasing appetite for user-generated content is having an impact on the TV and media landscape.

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Media Vision 2020

We’re in the greatest period of change and evolution since analogue TV broadcasts started over seventy years ago

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Mobility Report

By 2020, advanced mobile technology will be ubiquitous around the globe, unlocking the potential for mass-scale transformation. Smartphone subscriptions will have more than doubled and 70% of the world’s population will be using smartphones.

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Forever Evolving Experience

Consumers are rapidly evolving their values and assumptions on the discovery, access, payment and sharing of content-related experiences. Are you ready to satisfy the most media savvy and demanding TV consumer in history?

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The IP Imperative

Mobile and fixed IP broadband will transform TV by offering a path beyond the living room to 15bn connected devices, and will radically change consumer expectations. Essential for every platform, is your IP video strategy ready?

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Ericsson Media Vision 2020 – maps out the future of TV

Ericsson's strategic view of the future maps how the TV and media industry will evolve over the next five years and shows that the TV industry will be worth $750 billion by 2020.

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