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Seamless experience

A beautiful interface that flows from device to device, offering all that the viewer wants, at their fingertips and without interruption. Enable them to search, sort, play and share content the way they like. Gather all the content they want in one place, and move it between all of their devices without compromising the experience.

Key viewer perspectives

  • Everything I want at my fingertips
  • Nothing stops the experience
  • I want the network to deliver my content without me worrying
  • Quality matters!

Addressing the needs

Ensuring that everything a consumer gets from your services is utterly seamless is far from simple. As the consumer challenges the current models of Pay TV and embraces popular OTT services, new issues arise in maintaining the traditional simplicity of TV!

The seamless nature of consuming content at any time, anywhere and on any device is already a critical differentiator for consumers and will become far more critical as the fragmentation of content sources explodes with OTT. Why should consumers have to do all the work to just be as close to the content they love? At Ericsson we believe in OTT and the always-available access to content. Yet the role of the aggregator just got even more important. Bringing it all together for consumers. Just how they want it. Be the best at ensuring that their video experience never stops, and they will reward you with loyalty and become your greatest fan.

The viewer chooses the screen, not you

The seamless experience for the successful will not restrict the viewer in how they decide to start their journey with your service, and then continue it. From searching on mobile, to snacking on a tablet on the train, to continuing at home on the biggest Ultra HD screen they could afford. Ensure your platforms and services do not dictate.

Streaming is viewing, and it never stops

Those of us having seen the transformations of Television will know we love our technology terms. With the future of video delivery being broadband IP, we talk of streaming. But TV is not streaming. TV is always on, always working and in the internet era of TV – transparent to the viewer. Networks must ensure that no matter the strain, the experience is always seamless.

Sharing is natural

Consumers have always been passionate about sharing, discussing and learning what their social peers are watching. In the internet era of Television, your service needs to enable them to share links, content, services and recommendations and spark the next wave of obsession with the premium content you have.

Are you ready to deliver truly seamless experiences?

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Our offerings

Ericsson has been investing to understand the consumer like no other, and with almost 25 years of video innovation and 5 Technical Emmy® awards, we know what it takes to deliver the future of TV. Ensuring all your services and experiences are utterly seamless is going to demand that you unify all aspects of business process, technology and operations. Only Ericsson has the scale of insights, portfolio and services to help.

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MediaFirst from Ericsson unifies all the consumer devices, navigation and consumption into the most compelling and agile proposition you can offer.

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LTE Broadcast

With so much of the future of video consumption being mobile and often in very densely served areas, only LTE Broadcast can provide the capabilities to deliver the most popular live content to thousands of viewers.

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Media Delivery Network

As consumption of all video moves rapidly to all-IP networks and architectures, so the performance and quality of experience and a video-first attitude must be engineered-into them. Ericsson’s Media Delivery Network ensures both the viability of seamless delivery, with the monetization opportunities to drive the needed investment.

Success Case

Telstra Australia – pushing the limits

"Telstra and Ericsson have a long history together," says Mike Wright. "We have done a lot of world firsts, and we tend to break a lot of new ground – particularly in the wireless broadband space. This is just another example."

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The IP Imperative

Mobile and fixed IP broadband will transform TV by offering a path beyond the living room to 15bn connected devices, and will radically change consumer expectations. Essential for every platform, is your IP video strategy ready?

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