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An extraordinary revolution is transforming our world. Real-time connectivity – from connected cars to personal wearables to smart grid technology – is fundamentally changing the way we innovate, collaborate, produce, govern and live sustainably.

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In a truly Networked Society, more connections and communication create new functions and behaviors. These developments empower people, transform industries, and enable smart city solutions. And they are reshaping our future, creating a positive legacy for generations to come.

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With the help of our technologies and services, people around the world are gaining the power to engage, create and change the way we do business. Read on to explore our consumer, technology and Networked Society trends and insights.

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We innovate to Empower people, Transform Industries and Advance society.

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In the Networked Society, we are the leading advocate of Technology for Good. By using connectivity to address poverty, human rights and climate change, we help ensure our technology is a force for lasting, positive change.

Connecting the unconnected

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Half of the world’s population is still without internet connection. In support of the ITU’s Connect 2020 target of ensuring that more than 50% of people in the developing world have internet by 2020, we need to connect the unconnected. This means providing internet access to approximately 700 million new subscribers, equivalent to 500,000 new users every day - from today until 2020. This is how we can help you find sustainable and efficient ways to do it.

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Connecting industries

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Where’s your industry going? Are you ready for a digital transformation? Whatever industry you're in, communication is business critical. As processes become connected, more and more of data is generated. It can be difficult to see how to turn all that information into better communication. But we see it – it’s what we do.

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Explore the possibilities

A wave of transformational change is sweeping across all aspects of industry and society, rippling through the way we live, work, create, and engage. Join us as we explore and share deep insights.

Internet of Things in your vineyard

Can technology improve the quality of wine? Learn how winemakers use an IoT solution linked to the Ericsson Device Connection Platform.

The Digital Dude

Technology is affecting our everyday lives like never before. Our digital tools have become an important part of who we are and the future we once saw only in science fiction films has already arrived. Just imagine the possibilities...

The Drone Boss

Many of the solutions we see in today’s Networked Society were seemingly unimaginable not long ago. Innovative ideas and forward-thinking pioneers in ICT have transformed society and industry on almost every level, and we envisage the possibilities in the future to be limitless. So what can you expect from the world of tomorrow?