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Defining the Networked Society – The essentials

In the Networked Society, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have taken us to a critical stage – an inflection point – enabling transformative and disruptive change across industries and society, catalyzing an entirely new economic model.

It takes a connected ecosystem to transform the world, and no single entity owns the Networked Society. But we are a leader with technologies, services and experience that enable change-makers and innovators. By engaging with diverse stakeholders, forming strong partnerships, and leading in mobility and connectivity, we continue to uncover and share insights about our rapidly transforming, connected world. The Networked Society is here, but the journey is just beginning.

Exponential innovation

Mobility, broadband, and cloud interact to make ICTs faster, cheaper, and more accessible – creating vast pools of data and providing the tools to analyze it. Exponential innovation is everywhere from industrial bio-technologies, smart materials, sensors, 3D printing, and the Internet of Things, to smart energy, robotics, analytics, and visualization.

The age of empowerment

The Networked Society empowers people, business and society, redefining our relationship with industries and institutions that form the critical infrastructure of the nations and communities we live in. It creates a responsive, collaborative, highly engaged culture.

A new logic

The Networked Society overturns old models and creates new possibilities. It requires a new logic across industries, as production becomes decentralized; sharing becomes the norm; and data, connected things, and platforms become valuable resources in their own right. Ultimately, a new type of economic system emerges in which value is measured beyond financial terms.

Stories from around the world

Around the world, people are gaining the power to create new communities, engage across boundaries, make the world more inclusive, and change the way we do business. Transformation is happening everywhere and in every culture, country and industry. Join us to explore how your world is changing.


Wearable technology helps users reach their fitness goals.


App functions as a personal running coach.

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball

A coach inside a football.

Remote Flight Services

Remote controlling local airports on a global network.

Boliden 'Aitik' Mine

Connectivity enables remote management from a single dispatch.

Copenhagen wheel

Transforming any bicycle into a smart hybrid.

Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital

Children’s hospital provides virtual zoo visits for patients.

Coronary Intervention Center

Hospital uses video calling to improve quality of treatment.

MC10 + Reebok: Checklight

Making contact sports safer with monitoring devices.

Itaipu Dam

Connected monitoring yields effective use of water energy.

E.ON Smart Meter

Connected device makes smart use of energy.

BigBelly Solar

Connected waste stations transform public waste management.

Rainforest Connection

Using existing mobile infrastructure to monitor and protect rainforests.


Information for the people, by the people.


Connectivity helps to protect endangered sharks through education.

See the rest of the stories and read more about the Capturing the Networked Society project.

Learn more about our vision for a Networked Society

Networked Society 2015 presentation

Networked Society Story - 2015

Networked Society essentials presentation

Networked society essentials

Networked Society essentials booklet

Networked Society essentials booklet

Transformation through mobility

Transformation through mobility infographic

A connected world is just the beginning

Night city skyline lit up by neon lights on buildings

Some of the most powerful technologies ever created are rapidly diffusing into most aspects of our everyday lives. This paper looks beyond the purely technological effects of the era we call the Networked Society and outlines its transformational business and social logics that are now emerging on a global scale.

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