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A long history of innovation continues

Innovation is at the core of Ericsson. Thanks to our industry leading researchers and long history, we can chart new, disruptive technologies like no other. Digitial transformation is the foundation for a better world. Together, we are building the Networked Society to advance society.

Countryside, Tuscany

Growing innovation in Tuscany

A fertile landscape for technology research.

Men playing soccer

Live Sports Experience

Ericsson is a game changer.

Women discussing book

R&D collaborations

Our industry and academia collaboration creates innovation.

white office

Ericsson Garage

Ericsson's in-house incubation that raises innovation projects to real deliverables.

women with mobile

Patents and licensing

Patents play an active role through standardization and licensing.

Lars Magnus and Hilda

Innovations with impact

Our innovations have transformed and shaped the future – and continue to do so.