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We turn network evolution into business revolution

The Networked Society is in a state of constant change, opening up exciting possibilities for businesses that can evolve to stay ahead. Our networks empower operators to be innovative frontrunners in a game where no one knows tomorrow’s rules.

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5G, IoT, virtualization, connected stadiums...

...with about 40% of the world’s mobile traffic carried through networks delivered by Ericsson, we have a unique perspective on all the hot topics related to business and network transformation.

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Building 5G networks

Our award winning 5G Radio Test Bed and new 5G Radio Prototype innovations focus on interactions between mobile devices, enabling speed, agility, efficiency and IoT applications.

Network Slicing

Network slicing is one of the key capabilities that will enable flexibility, as it allows multiple logical networks to be created on top of a common shared physical infrastructure.

Network Functions Virtualization

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is the ability to instantiate network functions in real time at any desired location within the operator’s cloud platform.

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Building tomorrow's networks

Advanced and flexible networks will support fast introduction of new offerings which are differentiated or tap new value chains. Millions of different services for different users and devices will be within reach. Our networks that support the frontrunners of tomorrow are built with five key success factors in mind.


No matter where, all things connected should perform at their peak. Our heterogeneous networks approach empowers operators to optimize networks geographically and deliver optimal app coverage wherever, whenever.

We turn uniform into unique

One-size-for-all is a thing of the past. Today's customers want tailor-made. We help operators personalize with scale, to open up opportunities for completely new kinds of differentiated services.

We turn catch up into set the pace

The playing field is constantly changing in the networked society and operators that can adapt have immense opportunity. Our unique network solutions and services give operators the flexibility and scale they need to develop the businesses of tomorrow.

We turn patchwork into clockwork

Your network is greater than the sum of its parts – but only when all parts work well together. Our end-to-end transformation approach ensures that cutting-edge and legacy technologies function together seamlessly.

We turn expectations into sensations

Customers in the networked society are aware and selective by nature. To make them loyal, operators need to exceed expectations. We help operators understand and manage the customers' true experience in order for them to go from meeting to exceeding expectations.


New offering

Shift your network into the next gear

With the AIR 6468 5G NR radio, Ericsson is first to deliver all components of a 5G access network and support mobile operators with 5G components - such as massive MIMO and multi-user MIMO - as early as 2017.

World’s first 5G NR radio