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This report paints a broad, informative picture for anyone with an interest in current traffic and market trends.

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Ericsson ConsumerLab has 20 years’ experience in consumer values and behavioral research. Our reports provide consumer insight and can help operators to develop attractive revenue-generating services.

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These reports brings up important aspects of microwave transmission evolution, on the road towards 5G. Everyone with an interest in mobile backhaul as well as fronthaul, enterprise connectivity and spectrum considerations will find the reports useful.

Technical publications

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Brings you in-depth analyses of developing technologies, providing various perspectives, benefits and insights on advancements being made.

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Spotlight on industry and technology.

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Welcome to our library of journal and conference papers. Here you will find articles and presentations on technologies, security and sustainability among others.

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Welcome to our library. Here you will find books where Ericsson's experts have contributed.

Business publications

Ericsson Business Review is Ericsson’s global business publication, focusing on thought leadership and providing a long-term perspective on ICT market strategies. It aims to shape opinion and provide expert insight into matters of vital importance for operators and ICT businesses, as well as for other stakeholders such as industrial companies, investors and regulators.

Case stories

Reference stories

Interview with customers about their experience of working with Ericsson.

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