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Ericsson Transformative IT

In these disruptive times, digital frontrunners grow faster and demonstrate an entirely new level of performance than market laggards. Transform IT to accelerate your business agility and become a digital frontrunner that puts customers in control, with the right offerings, on hyperscale and hybrid clouds that are dynamically managed and orchestrated.

IT Transformation: transform at every level

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Empowered customers

Put users first and consistently in control across touch points. Be proactive in assuring tailored service levels, predictive in delighting users with context-aware offers, and preemptive in correcting problems before they occur.

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Innovative offerings

Innovate and launch services on the fly. Leverage catalog-driven charging and billing to rapidly create, test and manage, alone or with partners, with revenues collected and distributed seamlessly.

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Dynamic orchestration

We help organizations to manage and orchestrate their infrastructure in real-time and extract the full value of the latest technologies. Programmability, automation, and virtualization move from being IT jargon to new levels of performance, reliability and efficiency.

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Hyperscale infrastructure

Modernize and evolve to hyperscale infrastructure that can be managed and orchestrated in real time. It should be secure, scalable, programmable and automated. Running infrastructure like software to increase performance, reliability, cost-effectiveness and enable a better customer experience on demand.

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Transformative IT insights

Get the latest insights about how Transformative IT can help you thrive in a digital world.  Here you’ll find blogs, articles, white papers and reports to help you extract greater value from the Networked Society.

Meeting The Fast-Changing Demands of the Digital Business

Meeting The Fast-Changing Demands of the Digital Business

Ericsson and Verizon team up to provide global virtual network services for enterprises

The Age of Digital Transformation

The Age of Digital Transformation

Follow these six principles to become a powerful digital enterprise.

Featured insights

Get unique insights to help you revolutionize your IT and strengthen your market position.

Sustaining legitimacy and trust in a data-driven society

Human-centric data is at the core of the digital economy and most consumer-targeted innovation. What we sometimes forget, however, is that the quantification of everyday human life that produces this data depends not only on technological capabilities, but also on social norms and user values.

The transformative CIO​

IT executives speak out in 'The Transformative CIO: The Power and Challenges of Change'​

Ericsson ConsumerLab: The one-click ideal

Challenging expectations for operators on the digital customer journey.

Case story

Telefonica transformed

The telecom digitalization journey is about how you move a traditional telecom operator to become much more agile. See how Telefonica CIO Christina Alvarez tackled the challenge.

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Learn more about the most comprehensive, advanced software in the industry; coupled with our cloud infrastructure hardware and deep consulting and systems integration expertise.

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