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You are a Digital Consumer

Selling and the Omni-Channel experience

What are the key considerations when providing an omni-channel experience during the selling process?

Differentiate and deliver: why Seamless Organizations will own the future

What do your customers want? A secure, consistent and intuitive experience across the channel of their choice.

A blueprint for sucess – Customer experience & big data analytics

Customer agility: Turning personal into powerful

Etisalat on leading in the data era

Going from big data to big insight

Know more before you act: The role of big data in the customer experience

Improving Customer Experience is the top priority of every communications service provider, and for good reason.

Tunisiana, Tunisia: Just two clicks

A holistic approach to managing the network lifecycle

How can you benefit from a transparent view of network assets?

Future Digital Infrastructure: The next evolution of IT

Why should IT remain tied to design decisions and compromises of the past?

Ericsson ConsumerLab:  The one-click ideal

Challenging expectations for operators on the digital customer journey.

Data privacy in the Digital Age

Big data allows companies to create the personalized experiences that consumers demand, but the need to balance this with a commitment to privacy raises many questions.

Ericsson & Telia Company on how IoT is reshaping our world

Ericsson and Telia Company have released a joint report entitled “Connecting the Everyday: How the Internet of Things is Reshaping our World”

The 5G Business Potential

Industry digitalization and the untapped opportunities for operators.