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New report: Healthcare moves home with 5G

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Our latest ConsumerLab report takes a close look at the impact 5G will have on healthcare and its transformation across preventative, routine and post-operative care. Read the full report.

Safe self-driving buses

Safe self-driving buses

The work on remotely-controlled buses is making safe, autonomous vehicles a reality. Find out about the impact of 5G and on-going tests in the new Ericsson Mobility Report.

The healthcare business potential

The healthcare business potential

The current digitalization of the healthcare sector carries enormous promise for operators. A recent report predicts a USD 76 billion revenue opportunity in 2026 for operators addressing healthcare transformation with 5G. Get all insights.

Discover the possibilities in a Networked Society

Explore what it means to live in a truly connected world. Deepen your knowledge with our consumer insights and technology trends. Learn how we innovate and work to make a positive impact.

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Ericsson Mobility Report webinar

Welcome to a special webinar to launch the June 2017 edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report, June 13, at 3:30 PM CET. We will share the latest insights and key figures from the report.




The robotics renaissance

Get set for a new generation of technology

The move to 5G networks opens up enormous business potential for operators and industries. Keep up to speed with our latest 5G technology developments, use cases and trials.



Powering the digital industrialization

Cloud technologies bring agility and efficiency to IT environments. We believe digital industrialization strategies are key to turning your IT operations from a cost into an asset.



Creating billions of opportunities

We are experts in IoT connectivity and security. Launch IoT safer, faster and more efficiently with our platform and accelerate your business.


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Securing the evolving cyber environment

The emergence of 5G and IoT creates a need for new security solutions. Our security portfolio is tailored to protect ICT infrastructures and the data it handles and build a secure IoT business.